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IMG_5779Jerolyn Jeanette is a writer, editor and a lover of creativity in all forms. After discovering the insight available from hand analysis several years ago, she immediately embarked on a year-long study program taught by the very accomplished hand analysts Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers. She’s now excited to offer the keys to chart your life direction through hand analysis.

Learn to decode the secret language of hands

  • Initial 90-minute consultation with a report detailing your Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose: $147
  • Follow-up 45-minute consultations focusing on lines and gift markings in the hands: $75.

Please enter your contact information below, and we’ll send you a printing kit to make a set of your hand prints. Once we receive your prints, we’ll set up an appointment for a reading by phone or in person.

If you’re tired of hitting your head against the wall trying to figure out what you’re meant to do with your life,  reach out to me. Don’t waste another moment in confusion.

For those looking for answers to Life’s Big Questions, hand analysis is a showstopper. Once I received this information, it confirmed what I already felt to be true and it gave me the  desire to more fully inhabit my purpose. It’s never too late to learn this information, to embrace it and to celebrate it.

Here’s to finding your soul’s calling, wherever you happen to be right now.

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